Name: Tiernagh Ward

School: St Patrick’s College, Ballymena

Year: 14

Have you ever taken part in a religious service at school?

Yes, I have taken part in religious services.

What was your role in the service?

Reader, choir member and member of the congregation.

What did you enjoy about taking part in this service?

I enjoy when the school community comes together to worship as there is a great feeling of unity and warmth.

Do you think religious services in school are important?

Yes, I believe they are important as they give us an opportunity to embrace our religion and we get to bond with others through faith.  Praying together can form a solid bond.

What is faith in your own words?

Faith is belief in God.  It offers a sense of belonging.

How do you show faith in daily life?

By helping my family and giving thanks and trusting God’s plan.

How would you know that someone is a real Christian in these difficult times?

They turn to God in prayer and have confidence that this difficult time will pass.  They remember the needs of others and help and protect others especially the vulnerable in society.

Is prayer important to you?  Why?

Private prayer is important to me as it is a one-to-one relationship with God.  I can open my heart to God and confide in him.  I can show true feelings and emotion.  I always feel uplifted after talking to God.

Do you believe it is difficult to follow Jesus in today’s world?  Why/why not?

Yes at times it is difficult to follow Jesus and at times my faith has been tested.  The COVID-19 pandemic has tested my faith and other world disasters have made me question my belief.  However, I place my faith in the Word of God.

Name people in your life who are good role models for Christianity.  Explain why.

My granny was a very good role model for Christianity.  She believed in the power of prayer and taught me how to pray.

Can you name a Biblical character with whom you can identify and why?

Ruth was a loving, kind and empathetic person.  She promoted the well-being of others.  I think I can identify with her as I strive to be kind to everyone regardless of race, culture, disability etc.  I also try to have the qualities that Ruth expressed such as honesty and integrity.  I believe it is important to be people of character.

What special Bible story/quote can you apply to your own life?

So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you.” Matthew  7:12

I apply ‘The Golden Rule’ to my own life as I treat everyone with respect and have a caring attitude for others.  I hope to pursue a career in caring for others.  It is my dream to become a Social Worker and make a difference to people’s lives.