Name: Lauren-Louise McAllister

School: St Patrick’s College, Ballymena

Year: 14

Have you ever taken part in a religious service at school?

Yes, I have taken part in various religious activities since year 8.

What was your role in the service?

Reader and choir member.

What did you enjoy about taking part in this service?

I enjoyed gaining confidence in front of groups and representing my school/ year group.  I also enjoy worshipping with my friends and other pupils as there is a great community spirit.

Do you think religious services in school are important?

Yes, I believe they are important as they encourage participation and response.

How do you show faith in daily life?

By praying and showing gratitude to those around me.

How would you know that someone is a real Christian in these difficult times?

They maintain hope and prayer and turn to God in their most challenging days.  They help and serve others for example in their community, like Jesus himself did.

Is prayer important to you?  Why?

Prayer is important to me as it helps me feel closer to God and I feel reassured especially in today’s pandemic and uncertainty.

Do you believe it is difficult to follow Jesus in today’s world?  Why/why not?

I believe it is difficult to follow Christianity today as sometimes people judge you.  The conflict between the biblical views of the world and scientific models also makes it challenging.

Name people in your life who are good role models for Christianity.  Explain why.

My grandfather Laurence Phillips was my personal role model for Christianity as he always reassured me that God was always looking out for us. My grandfather although ill always attended Mass and reassured us that God will always take care of us and always had very strong faith no matter the situation.

Can you name a Biblical character with whom you can identify and why?

Abigail demonstrates wisdom and compassion.  When Abigail’s husband refused to show kindness and generosity to David and his men, she bravely stepped up to create peace between the two parties. Her quick, kind-hearted offering of food and drink to David and his men saved the lives of many in her community.  I can identify with Abigail as I aspire to act courageously and use wisdom when faced with difficult situations.

What special Bible story/quote can you apply to your own life?

“God has a reason for allowing things to happen. We may never understand his wisdom, but we will simply have to trust his will” Psalm 37:5.

I apply this to my own life as it reminds me that all things happen in God’s timing and although it may seem bad in the moment it could potentially be a blessing and part of his plan.  We must trust him.