Many unselfish people during this emergency let the creativeness of God’s Holy Spirit be seen in their work.  I would invite you to pray now for them.

The Covid-19 outbreak is shining a blinding light on what is really important: we find out which jobs are really essential to the functioning of society.  Many of these in high-risk roles are women who are paid poverty wages.  In Britain black, Asian and minority ethnic groups are over-represented in front-line, high-exposure jobs, and this has been suggested as a reason why people from these groups are disproportionately contracting, and dying from, Covid-19. Perhaps they lacked proper protective clothing. The government has now announced it will investigate this in a formal review. Let us pray for those apparently lowly workers who do difficult essential jobs.

Mary herself thanked the Lord in the Magnificat that she was chosen in her lowliness as a servant. Let us also magnify the Lord for such hardy people who still do life-enhancing work. They are not downhearted. I have heard of carers in homes and hospitals who have a new insight into the rosary. As they say ‘Holy Mary mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death’ they realise even more that there are two really important times in life now and at the end.

The Covid emergency has made that prayer more relevant than ever. There are good reasons for complaints or anger but many prefer to see a wider picture; they have been chosen to help patients and the disabled at the most critical time of their lives and as a result they feel a heightened sense of co-operation and outpouring of kindness and thoughtfulness among colleagues. It is a time of sorrow, no doubt, but it is also a time of revelation of kindness, self-sacrifice and a growing sense of what is most significant in the face of the inevitable.

You can see how Mary is patron of high risk workers because she had to accompany her son from the Agony in the Garden to the Crucifixion and Resurrection. It was her life’s work to accompany Jesus. She took a daily interest in his development and guided him as he grew.  It is possible for us to learn from her and to think of all we do in the light of Christ who associated with the poor, healed the sick, accepted suffering and death and transformed everything in the power of the resurrection.