The rosary is indeed one of the traditional family prayers. It helps to reflect on the life, ministry and mission of our Lord Jesus Christ. In time of Joy or darkness, praying the rosary is like holding the hand of Our Blessed Mother. As we know Our Lady revealed to St Dominic, “I promise my special protection and greatest graces to all those who shall recite the Rosary. We certainly all need graces, that special help from God that helps us to live our lives the best we can.

Success in life depends on the choices we make each day. This is why having a moment of prayer perhaps as you begin the day and as you conclude it can be very helpful as it influences your life’s journey even without knowing it. You don’t have to pray for a long time as this may not be your way. But as they say: short and sweet. Even praying one decade plus a spontaneous prayer or whatever you feel at heart that particular time would be great.

The story of the Uganda Martyrs and their relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary especially praying the Rosary helps to appreciate how Our Lady is there to inspire and encourage us to have similar faith in God and resistance to any form of persecution or hardship. Remember the words of Jesus on the Cross when he said to the disciple John that behold your Mother and again to his beloved Mother that behold your son. I think there is no better way of holding to our Blessed Mother than praying the Rosary.