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St Louis Associates

St Louis Associates are women and men who, on invitation from ‘St Louis’ or from those who are Associates already, or by approach to any St Louis Sister or Associate, desire to share in the founding vision, spirituality and mission of the St Louis Sisters as understood by us today.


In this way, Associates address present-day needs in a contemporary way, together or with the Sisters, as the original founders did in their time.


While Associates are active in intent, they enjoy a rich formation by way of monthly meeting, prayer, exploration, reading, self-development short Retreats in the company of a few of the Sisters and meet with all the Sisters at various function.


There is a ceremony of enrolment/commitment/promise around Trinity Sunday each year for those who will undertake the spirituality, community and mission involved.  This promise is renewed each year as desired.


Present members and those preparing to become members speak of the worth-whileness and personal fulfilment they enjoy from being associated with ‘St Louis’ in this way and would be willing to share with you on this.


If you would like to know more about this group contact 91 Hillhead Crescent Belfast BT11 9FW.


To contact one of the Ballymena Associates ring the Ballymena Parish Office on 028 2564 1515.



Some points to share with those being contacted regarding St Louis Associateship:


  1  No finances involved

  2  Not about religious vocations

  3  Becoming familiar with the story of the Sisters of

St Louis and what we are about today

  4  Sharing in the Spirituality of 

     Sisters of St Louis reading, 

     discussion, deepening of prayer-life,

     sharing on our Christian with one

     another and with a few of the Sisters,      short Retreats together         

 5  Living out of that spirituality and making a difference, individually and together under the influence of

    the Holy Spirit and, where possible, being involved in ministries linked with Sisters of St Louis

 6  A preparation time of monthly meetings (except in very bad weather or during the summer holidays!)

 7  Followed by a commitment of a year at a time

 8  A sense of human support and spiritual companionship

 9  Some attendance at Sisters’ Assemblies by invitation

    eg Ecology Days

10  A strong sense of identity as St Louis Associates.  


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