As we recite the Joyful mysteries today let us remember that Jesus loves and cares for each of us and he is inviting us to behold our Blessed Mother not only in trial moments but each day of our lives. Let us pray for our families and loved ones, those we cannot visit during this health emergency just like Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth in moment of indeed. Let us also pray for expectant Mothers, for babies who will be presented by their parents to the Lord through the sacrament of Baptism, for the boys and girls who will be meeting Christ in a special way later in the year as they will be celebrating sacraments of First Confession, First Holy Communion and Confirmation, and indeed all those whom wish to pray for at this time.

The whole life of a Christian is to imitate Christ. This was what the Holy Martyrs of Uganda did. Through their witness, they chose to bring the light of Christ and his Gospel firstly to entire nation of Uganda and indeed to all Christians. As it is said that the blood of the Martyrs is the seed of the faith. Because of their witness, Uganda is one of the African countries where Christianity is thriving.

All of us as Christians need to imitate these Holy Martyrs who drew strength and inspiration from Our Blessed Mother. Like the Uganda Martyrs let’s work hard while here on earth for the kingdom to come. We may not have the privilege to die for the faith. But I think what matters is living a good Christian life. Let us be a community that is courageous, that believes, prays, cares for others and works for our salvation. Heaven is a reality and it is there for all of us. Like the Holy Martyrs of Uganda, we have to be steadfast not to lose the battle of holiness. Mary Queen of Martyrs and Queen of Saints pray for us. Amen.