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Parish Pastoral Council


Ballymena Parish Pastoral Council 

The All Saints’ Parish Pastoral Council was first established in 1998. It is a representative group of parishioners who advise Monsignor Delargy as Parish Priest on matters of pastoral ministry and who work in full collaboration with the priests of the Parish.

The Pastoral Council is a consultative body, helping in the identification, implementation and evaluation of pastoral initiatives and policies best suited to spread the gospel in the Parish. Members of the Council serve a three-year term but can be re-elected. The Parish Pastoral Council meets monthly between September and June each year.

The Pastoral Council Mission for All Saints’ Parish is that:

We, the Parish Pastoral Council of Ballymena, inspired by the Holy Spirit, will nurture the gifts of all our people in order to grow as a vibrant, welcoming, joyful Christian community where everyone feels called to build the Kingdom of God.


In pursuit of its Mission, the priorities or key themes for the work of the Pastoral Council and for the Parish are:

  • Building a joyful Community;
  • Nurturing the gifts of all the people;
  • Understanding our faith; and
  • Evangelising/Sharing the Good News.

Details of the current membership of the Pastoral Council are set out below.

If you would like to raise an issue with the Pastoral Council, please use the Suggestion Boxes located in the porches of All Saints and
St Patrick’s Church, Crebilly. All suggestions and correspondence will be considered by the Council at its monthly meeting.

A copy of the Pastoral Council’s Annual Report for 2018/19 can be obtained from the parish office.

Membership of Ballymena Parish Pastoral Council - 2020


Monsignor Patrick Delargy (President)     
John Keenan (Chairperson)            
Mary Waide (Vice Chairperson)
Fr Aloysius Lumala          
Kathleen Agnew      
Bernie Ervine  
Jackie Kerr (Secretary
Jeanne Martin   
Paul McAuley                
Phoebe McDonald     
Sean O’Boyle  
Rosemary Quinn                              
Danuta Smolinska





A Parish Pastoral Council is a group of committed people of God who meet every month with the priests to investigate pastoral matters, reflect on them thoroughly and recommend practical conclusions. 

The monthly meetings are marked by prayer and scripture and openness to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  The process of decision-making has to reflect this faith dimension.  In a Parish Pastoral Council it is
not “my will against yours”, but each of us prayerfully seeking the will of God.  It takes time and practice. 

In this consultative body decisions are taken by consensus.

Council members are working in different areas such as: Education, All Saints’ Pastoral Response to drugs and alcohol, and the GIFT programme for those who have been Confirmed, arranging the Parish Mission, Inter-Church dialogue and the Cell Groups.  


Ballymena Parish Pastoral Council came about as a result of the work of a core group of parishioners coming together in 1998.  The primary function of this group was to work towards the formation of a pastoral council, facilitating the election of and the raison d’etre of such a council.

Elections were held and the council formed to coincide with Jubilee Year 2000.  The group was comprised of sixteen parishioners alongside the priests of the parish.  The Council adopted the constitution as formulated by the initial core group; electing a chairperson, vice-chairperson and secretary. 

The Parish Priest of the time,  Monsignor Sean Connolly, was the President of the Council.  The members were to be representative of all areas of the parish.

The function of the Parish Pastoral Council is to deal with the mission of the Church's long-range and short-range goals and objectives and to design those procedures and processes by which the pastoral work of the Church is achieved.

In accordance with current norms, the Council shall have a consultative role only.  Through its deliberations, insights, expertise and considered advice, it will help the Priests with the identification, implementation and evaluation of pastoral initiatives and policies best suited to the spread of the gospel in the parish.

The council meets one night per month with the exception of the summer months.  The meetings take the form of a period of reflection followed by discussion centred on the gospel of the week.  This is followed by a discussion on issues currently of importance to members and the parishioners whom they represent.  Strategies and plans for action may evolve as necessary.  Members of the Parish Pastoral Council serve a three year term but can be re-elected.  Six members will retire and six members will stay on to support the six newly elected members.


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