Jesus is the goodness of God made flesh

On Palm Sunday we see clearly the goodness of God revealed in Jesus. There is a sharp contrast within the liturgy. He takes the initiative to call people to celebrate God’s goodness and soon he was surrounded by hopeful pilgrims from his own part of the country. It is joyful and encouraging and they join in the praises of God with happy Hosannas. We know that he is giving his blessing to the very people who would soon run away in confusion, fearful and embarrassed by the opposition and pressure of those in power. He knew that they would disappoint him when persecution came but he is telling them that he is with them even when sin seems to overwhelm everyone. Jesus did not reject those who reject him. He is willing to offer his life especially for sinners.
He teaches his disciples, fickle as they were, that the good God is merciful in all circumstances. On Palm Sunday he invites them to recognise how he has come on earth for anyone who shows the smallest evidence of faith.

The first message of Palm Sunday is that Jesus wants us to be rejoice that he has come. He is ready to give his life for our benefit during celebration and during hardship. He asks us to build on whatever faith people have.

On Palm Sunday Jesus smiled on his followers. He called them to faith and accepted their good intentions and support. He left them with good memories. Jesus never abandons anyone who comes along even if it is just for the occasional special celebration. They would remember the Hosanna day, the Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord day. As always Jesus was faithful to the good God who lets His light shine on strong and weak alike. He will bring God’s goodness even into sinful situations.
He asks us to be bighearted and magnanimous. He asks us to have a joyful faith even as suffering and pain loom on the horizon. His suffering is for our salvation.

The Passion story is a sad record of betrayal, hatred, resentment, cowardice, dereliction of duty and human weakness. Jesus prayed through depression and confusion. He lets his people know that he will remain close to the God of goodness even if he is in anguish. He will always pray Thy will be done. They would remember that Jesus the Son of God shone His light into the darkness on the sorrowful days.
He asks his followers today to be confident that his goodness will follow us always.

The Passion story reveals that Jesus rose above cynicism or resentment even when attacked and scorned by the proud who smeared him with their lies, made fun of religion and despised faith. Such opposition was clear during the first Holy Week and is obvious today. Palm Sunday provides us with assurance. He will not give up on those who gave up on him. That’s Good News for us. It means that everyone can return to the faith, grow in love and become signs of God’s goodness today.
He asks not to give up on ourselves or our friends and be signs of joyfulness and hope for the future.