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Non Stop Parish Draw

This draw has been in existence since September 1985 and was started to help renovate the then Parochial Hall, which soon after was sadly destroyed in a fire.  From then on profits went towards the provision of a new Parish Centre.  Plans for this are now well under way, but even after completion, will always need maintenance and manning, so this draw will always be needed and your support always appreciated. 

For only fifty pence per week you have a chance of winning every day of the year.  Weekly prizes are normally £50 on Sunday and £15 Monday – Friday. At special times of the year the Sunday prize can be £250, £200 or £100 and the final yearly draw is £1000.

Do you want information on how to take part in the draw? OR
Could you be a promoter in your own street or avenue?

Contact either Ballymena 2564 0968 or 2564 0719

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