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Ballymena Parish Cells



Growing together as a parish family

Understandiing the Scriptures and applying them to everyday life

Searching for God


What are they?
Parish cells are meetings of about four to ten or more people gathering once a fortnight in parishioners' homes.  Meetings are held from September to June.  They are there to help us in different ways - in our search for God; in understanding the Scriptures and applying them to everyday life and in growing together as a parish family.

Who can attend?
The meeting are open to everyone, church goers and non-church goers; everyone is most welcome.

What happens at a meeting?
The format is simple and informal.  Usually there is an opening prayer followed by a simple hymn or two.  A scripture reading is then read and discussed by the group.  this is followed by a reflection on tape, sometimes provided by the Parish Priest and sometimes from other sources.  After that the needs of those present and of the parish and community are remembered in prayer.  Then there is time for a cup of tea and a chat.

Where do they meet?
A number of people have offered their homes as venues so there is plenty of choice.  Go where you feel comfortable.

How do I find out more?
Members of the Steering Group, who contact numbers are listed below, will answer any of your queries and help you find a meeting to visit.  You can then come and go as you please.  the idea is not to join a group but to avail of a meeting when it suits.


Steering Group Contact Numbers:        2564 2818        2565 8472        2564 4541       

2175 8726        2564 0920        2564 2526

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