In today’s gospel from John chapter 6 we learn that the Lord Jesus can transform the human situation, even the awkward episodes, and help us to benefit fully from listening to God’s word. He can remedy every ill and bring joy and plenty and he can use what seem very flimsy resources.

The small boy in the miracle story had sensibly done the shopping while others came less prepared. When he was asked to give up his loaves and fishes it hardly seemed fair. But Jesus turned his small resources, his foresight, his generosity and co-operation into a wonderful miracle. Everybody was fed, God’s glory was seen. Jesus invites the people to focus on how he had come from God to lead them to God.

Nothing is ever perfect in our world. A virus that was harmless in its own place is now gone rogue to threaten all. The Lord comes to invite us to work with God to complete the work of His creation, to remedy what has gone wrong. It is a noble task.  Our small resources used wisely and generously can benefit all.

As we work in the garden we enjoy the good weather, use our wit and energy to transform the environment. But we do so only with God’s help. Every day it is clear how we depend on the sunshine and on the rain we cannot control. Our resources are small but the Lord transforms our efforts.

We listen to Mass and offer our feeble prayers for the living, the dying and the departed and the risen Jesus comes to transform our virtual gathering and put us straight into the presence of the Lord and Giver of life.