We have all learnt about the Resurrection from people we trusted. Mary of Magdala is one such impressive witness. Because of her friendship with Jesus, her teacher and inspiration, she continued to visit the garden. Love sprang eternally in her heart and her faith was rewarded.

Yet when the angels spoke it took time for the full understanding to dawn. She is in a state of distress, believing the worst since the worst has happened to Jesus on Calvary. Today in the thrall of a worldwide contagious disease we are distressed. It is even more depressing that wars, hunger, exploitation, criminality persist. With the bright angelic appearance of carers and helpers the clouds of disappointment begin to lift.

When Jesus himself appears to Mary and speaks familiar words she finally realises her master and teacher is alive. He is living in a new dimension yet still in contact. There is eternal hope beyond sin and even beyond human perseverance and optimism. Eager and energetic she goes out to tell the world.

Today Jesus is our inspiration too, seen sacramentally at the Mass and in the brothers and sisters who help and give. We now want to be among those who help and serve by prayer and by hope-filled support.

Jesus says he is going back to the Father and he invites us to go with him.
He is our inspiration as he tends to the garden of our souls. We hope people will trust us as we hurry to tell the Good News!