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For the text of the poem see here.


As we embarked for Dublin
On the bus at Broadway Square
It was a lovely morning
With a cool and balmy air.
There was nothing there unusual
So far as we could see.
Until a mile out of the town
The place they call Ballee.

An arch was there erected,
Of orange and blue
With ‘to hell with Pope and Popery’
Above as we went through.
To it we gave no notice,
As on we did pass
Till a stone came through the window
And broke a pane of glass.

Success to Mr Sheridan
He is a gentleman.
He soon rang up ‘headquarters’
And protection did demand.
We all did him appreciate.
He showed himself so kind.
Lest any of the pilgrims
They would be left behind.

There were logs put on the railway,
For to knock off the train.
But all that they could think or do
Their work was all in vain.
Surely they were helpless,
Or otherwise, were blind
To think that they could stop a train
That day upon the line.

As Christ himself was with us all
We had no right to fear
The sun it shone so bright above
And all the way was clear

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