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Genoa to Nice Saturday 25 February 1893

With only a short time available in Genoa the plan was – visit the Cathedral, Church of St Ambrose, Church of St Matthew, Church of the Annunciation and the house in which O’Connell died.

The members of the group were up early and found that the house in which O’Connell died opposite the hotel in which they were staying.  The locals looked in wonder as hundreds of strangers made their way to the marble monument telling of O’Connell’s death on 15 May 1847.  The spot was marked with a wreath of fresh flowers.   Preserved in the Cathedral Church of St Lawrence is the chalice said by tradition to have been used by our Divine Lord at the Last Supper.  In the chapel of St Catherine is the incorrupt body of that saint.  After visiting the other churches the group travelled by carriage out of the town to Campo Santo, a beautiful cemetery and then back along the harbour.

Safely on board the train they travelled through seventy tunnels, around the Bay of Naples, past Monte Carlo and Monaco to arrive at Nice.  After dinner some pilgrims took a stroll around the beautiful resort.

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