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A glimpse of Florence Thursday 23 February 1893

After assisting at Holy Mass in a church near their hotel the pilgrims set out to explore the beautiful City of Florence.  Florence is situated in a plain and surrounded by hills.  The river Arno divides the city into two but four bridges allow for ease of travel.  The group were determined to see the churches before anything else.

The first one visited was the Baptistry of Florence and then they went to the Cathedral Church of Santa Maria del Fiore.  This beautiful church was unveiled in 1887.  The exterior is adorned with marble of many colours which glitter in the sun.  In comparison the interior is dark and sombre.  Some of the group climbed the bell-tower to get a great view of the whole city.  They then made their way to The Church of The Annunciation and The Church of the Holy Cross.  To ensure that they saw all the other places of interest the group hired a guide who accompanied them for the rest of the day.

They visited the Monastery of St Mark, the Pitti Palace and some art galleries.  After lunch they took a carriage to the Square of Michael Angelo to enjoy the panorama of Florence and the river Arno. 

After returning to the city they took the electric tram to the town of Fiesole to visit the Cathedral.  Then, tired but satisfied, they arrived back at their hotel in time for dinner.

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