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A visit to Loretto Monday 13 February 1893

The train left for Loretto at 9 35 am carrying the main body of pilgrims.  Many of the priests had taken an earlier train in order to celebrate Mass at the holy shrine. 

A procession was formed at the station and the pilgrims, four abreast, proceeded to ascend the mountain side, reciting the fifteen decades of the rosary as they went.  When the pilgrims entered the large square in front of the Basilica
they were greeted by the elderly Bishop of Loretto.  They were then led into the Basilica by the Cardinal Archbishop of Armagh who then celebrated Mass for all present.

The Holy House of Nazareth in which Jesus, Mary and Joseph resided rested under the dome of the Basilica, behind the high altar.  It was encased in pure white marble.  It measured twenty eight feet in length, twelve and a half feet in breadth and thirteen and a half feet in height.  Behind the beautiful altar decorated with many priceless jewels, in a niche, was the miraculous statue of Our Blessed Lady.  It was said to have been carved from cedar wood by St Luke, and, after two thousand years, was still perfect.  A flowing robe, richly covered in jewels and gold crescents decorated the statue.


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