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Brussels to Lucerne Switzerland Thursday 9 February 1893

This morning the pilgrims were to leave for the railway station shortly after 6 am.  At the station it was discovered that some people had managed a quick trip back to see the Royal Palace again.

For a considerable part of the long journey from Brussels to Metz – the train was divided in two parts owing to the steep incline.  At Luxemburg there was a ten minute stop before the trains continued to Metz arriving at one o’clock.  In Metz the two parts of the train were joined together and two engines attached and the journey continued, stopping briefly a 5 pm in Strasbourg.  At
8 20 pm the train steamed into Basle and halted while the pilgrims had tea.  At 9 pm they were on their way again.  After a journey of five hundred miles they arrived into Lucerne, Switzerland at 11 o’clock, tired and weary.

Some amusing incidents had occurred during the day.  Two special trains had left Brussels and this caused much confusion.  Friends were separated and luggage mislaid.  One lady lost her cloak, another her bag and a third – worse than all – her husband.  The cloak was found, the bag forwarded and the husband telegraphed to say that he was coming on the next train. 

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