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Dublin to London Tuesday 7 February 1893

Pilgrims boarded the ship ‘Rose’ at the North Wall, Dublin to depart at 9 am on their way to Holyhead.  The two hundred and fifty lay people were accompanied by ninety priest and three Bishops. 

The sea was choppy and many pilgrims were seasick!  As the boat neared the pier at Holyhead the strains of ‘Faith of Our Fathers’ was heard, sung by those on the shore.  The group continued to entertain the pilgrims until they were seated on board a special train.  This train had twenty carriages and two engines, each of the carriages bearing the name of a patron saint.  The train set off for London, stopping briefly at Llandudno Junction, Chester Crewe Junction, Rugby and Willesden Junction.  It steamed into Euston Station only ten minutes behind schedule.  Buses from the Midland Grand Hotel, The First Avenue and The Manchester Hotels were waiting to convey the pilgrims to their accommodation for the night.
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