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London to Dublin Friday 3 March 1893

The Irish pilgrims left London to travel to Holyhead where a splendid paddle steamer waited to take them back to Ireland.  Many admitted feeling relief and regret as they stepped on board.  The sea was rough and the travellers said a prayer of thanksgiving as the Dublin Harbour lights were sighted.

A Large number of friends of the Pilgrimage were waiting at the North wall to welcome the pilgrims.  More were waiting on the quays and music from the St James’s Band and loud cheers rang out as the pilgrims moved to the cars which were waiting to take them to the House of Retreat at Inchicore where the religious ceremonies were to conclude.

A procession, headed by the band, followed by a large number of torchbearers, made its way along the quays to O’Connell Street and then to Inchicore.  The town was brightly light with bonfires blazing in every direction and the streets lined with crowds of people.

On arriving at the Church of the Oblate Fathers, Father Ring stood on the box seat of a carriage to address the crowd.  He thanked them for the welcome.  He told them that the pilgrims had carried the banner proudly through many cities and especially into the presence of the Holy Father Leo XIII.

He said he would send a message to Rome in the morning describing the welcome.  He called for three cheers for the Most Rev Dr Walsh, Archbishop of Dublin, Cardinal Logue and all the bishops and priests of Ireland. 

In conclusion he asked everyone to repeat morning and night the words

           ‘God bless the Pope’.

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