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A day in Paris Wednesday 1 March 1893

The Irish pilgrims assembled for Mass at the Cathedral of the National Vow, Montmatre.  The foundations had been laid in 1881 and money was still being collected from every parish and convent in France.  Those who donated had their name are inscribed separate stones.  The dome had not yet been roofed over.

Bascilica of the Sacre Couer completed

After returning from Montmatre they set out to explore the city.  They walked to the Grand Opera House – the largest theatre in the world – and then to La Madeline, a beautiful church built in the style of a Greek temple. 

They then took carriages and drove through the Place de la Concorde, along the Champs Elysees,

Arc de Triumphe now

past the Arc de Triumphe, and through the Bois de Boulogne.  Returning via the Palais du Trocadero, the Effel Tower,

the Galleries of the Tuileries and the Palais du Louvre.  They spent some time visiting the treasures on display.

After lunch in their hotel they again took carriages and drove along the River seine to the Church of Notre Dame, Cathedral of the Archbishop of Pictures.    

The  Rose Window              Interior of Notre Dame

With only an hour before dinner the travellers drove to see the Pantheon, the Luxembourg Palace and the Irish College.  On entering the Irish College they were ushered into a recreation square and saw a beautiful life-size statue of the Sacred Heart.  They were pleased to learn that this was the thoughtful and generous gift of the Most Rev Dr McAlister, Bishop of down and Connor on the occasion of his recent visit.

After dinner in their hotel all the Irish pilgrims assembled for Benediction in the Church of Notre Dame des Victoires.  Tomorrow they would leave Paris to travel to London.

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