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During my research for material to include in the new parish website I reread an article which the late Jack McCann wrote  in 1987 about All Saints’.  It was called  ‘Lynch’s Folly’.  In the article he talked of some of the stained glass windows in the Church.  Then one morning at Mass Fr Paul mentioned that it was the feast of Conor O’Devaney, one of the six Irish Martyrs.  He told us that Conor O’Devaney had been a Bishop of Down and Connor and was depicted in one of the windows of All Saints’.

I realised that I had attended All Saints’ all my life but had never looked closely at the windows.  I decided to visit the Church with my notebook, pen and camera.  I’d like to show you what I found.

Breda Waterson


In this picture which is above the High Altar three of the four tall windows can be seen.  Each window seems to be in four panels.  I believe this depicts the cruxificion and those who were present.

Above Our Lady’s Altar a tall window is flanked by two smaller ones.

The inscription underneath reads:
Mary was assumed into heaven to the great glory of the angels  

At the side of this altar is a window depicting the Annunciation. 

The inscription underneath reads:
Mary Mother of God intercede for us the priests and people of the Parish

Moving into the side chapel on the right, behind a statue of St Joseph is a window of The Holy family.        

The inscription underneath reads: 
Holy St Joseph be the protector of priests and people of the parish
John Quinn CC      Arthur J Kennedy CC

The first window on the Epistle (right) side of the church is the Prophet Daniel 

The inscription underneath reads:
In memory of Rev Daniel McGarry PP, 1797-1847

Then we have St Bernard of Clairvaux        

The inscription underneath reads:
In memory of Rev Bernard McAuley PP VG 1771-1863

The next three windows are in memory of the Golden Jubilee of Father MacMullan 1901. 

They depict St Brigid        

St Bronach Abbess             

and St Congal Abbott          

In the apse below the window of St Bronach is a plaque with the inscription:

Here lieth Rev D McGarry PP Ballymena  Died January 17 1847 Aged 47 years    RIP                                               

On the far side of the main door, beside the statue of St Anthony is a window depicting Mael Maodhog OMorgair

Another memorial of the Golden Jubilee of Father MacMullan 1901.

All the windows on the Gospel (left) side of the Church are in memory of James McAllister.  The McAllister family home was ‘Kenbaan’ on the Broughshane Road.

At the bottom of the aisle is a window depicting The Sacred Heart

with the inscription:
 ‘As the Father hath loved me so I also have loved you’.  John XCVI  V9

The inscription under the next window:   

‘She has sought wool and flax and has wrought by the wisdom of her hands’.
 Proverbs XXXI  C26  V

The next three windows are:

Saint Dympna Virgin and Martyr AD500  


Saint Comgal Abbot of Bangor AD519 -600         

Saint MacNissi Bishop AD480-514           

The next window depicts Conor O’Devaney OFM Bishop of Down and Connor 

The inscription underneath reads:
martyred by the English in Dublin 11 February 1612


The inscription under this window:  
 ‘I will give to thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven’  St Matthew XVI 19 leads me to believe it is St Peter

On the right of the side door is a beautiful window depicting St Patrick.          

This window was erected by Rev Daniel Mullan of St Mary’s Norwich, Connecticut, USA.

On the last window, beside the Sacred Heart Altar, you can just see in outline the figures depicting the Ascension.  This window is dark and difficult to see as no light is coming in behind it.                     

The inscription underneath reads:
'While they looked on he was raised up'

I hope this inspires you to have a closer look at the beautiful stained glass windows on your visit to All Saints’.




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