Directions to the Gibraltarian Camps outside Ballymena Print


Take the A42 from Ballymena to Broughshane.

In Broughshane Village turn right at McNeill's Hardware shop.

Take the first road on your left at the Church with Lynch Gate

Pass the 30 mile sign

Houston's Mill will be on your left

Large grey house on your right

Yellow electricity sub station set back in a field on left

Orange topped pole

Site of Dunaird Camp (8)



Plaque naming the camp erected in July 1998 by Ballymena Borough Council on the 50th Anniversary of official withdrawal.



Keep on this road and you will see a square red brick building on your left.

In front a plaque marks the Site of Drummack Camp (9)


The remains of one of the Nissan huts which had been home for the Gibraltarians.


Keep on this road, Hazelbank Road

From Broughshane Village you will travel for four miles

Pass an old Orange Hall on your left

Pass a newer on also on your left

A Gospel Hall on your right

Pass Innisfree Residential Home on your left

Pass the Hazelbank Primary School on your left

Keep going slowly and turn left into AUGHACULLY ROAD

Not far down that road you will see the plaque marking the Site of Aughacully Camp (10)



I'm not sure if this was some kind of water tower! It is on the same property as the plaque for the Aughacully camp.


Go for another mile and you will see, on a height, on your left, a white bungalow with a conservatory at the end of it.

On the pillar of this bungalow you will find the plaque marking the Site for the Brekah (Breckagh) Bridge Camp (No 11)


At the end of this road you will see a T junction. This is the main road from Ballymena to Carnlough.

Turn left for Ballymena and you will be driving back through the village of Broughshane.

Turn right and follow the main road to Carnlough.