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Resoration of All Saints

After spending six weeks perched sixty feet high on scaffolding talented antique restorers Cosi Sarkar and Shaun Butler, Courtyard Restorations in Ahoghill, were able to stand back and see the results of their work on All Saints’ Church altar sanctuary.  Cosi had learned her art in royal palaces like Hampton Court and Windsor Castle.

One hundred and forty years of dirt, dust, candle smoke and incense had resulted in a layer of scum so thick it obscured the original colours of the sanctuary ceiling.

Now the vibrant colours and beautiful artistry is revealed for everyone to see and admire.

Cosi and Shaun worked on restoring each of the thirty two wooden panels depicting Matthew, Mark, Luke and John surrounded by angels, the mosaic on the walls, the stained glass windows and the marble altar.

There was a thrilling moment during restoration when they discovered graffiti dating back to 1857.

'The signatures were on the beam.  It was very exciting. 

One of the signatures reads ‘19th October 1857, N Davison, Painter’.  We knew it was original because the writing was in the beautiful italicized script of the day.

“There were others ‘J A Somerville, S O’Grady, S Carey, A Irwin and M Rabbitt, 25 3 1946’. 

We found out that these were probably the people who fixed the roof leak over fifty years ago.  We added our names as well.  We thought we’d keep up the tradition”, said Cosi. 

Extracts from Ballymena Guardian (December 99) and The Belfast Telegraph (January 2000)

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